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Faction rules
HawXDate: Saturday, 2012-03-17, 3:48 AM | Message # 1
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Updated- 14/14/2012
Faction rules!

\1./ Creation

After reading these rules, each player may create their own fraction or join another, if they allows.
\2./ Faction name

* The name must be a minimum 3, maximum 16 characters length;

* Can not contain any rude or offensive words;

* Cannot contain following phrases- http:/, www., .*any domain here*, project, SIA, IK, AS.
\3./ Claiming

* If the members of the faction will not follow these rules, then the owner will be responsible for all the violation and will punished!

* You can not privatize other people's faction homes or other buildings without enemy status.
\4./ War / Enemy status

You are allowed to start war with other factions, but you need to have a reason, otherwise the fraction will be deleted and will be punished its owner! Think your own reason.

- Remember: War has winners and losers

- When you kill a player from the other fractions, his faction are being taken Power points, when the opposing factions Power Point is approaching 0, then you can take over their territory and you've won the war.

To see your factions power point, write / f show (faction name here) in the game.

* If you've conquered the territory of the enemy faction (win the war), then you have 3 opportunities:

\1./ Claim their land and make your base there;

\2./ Remove the lava and water, which you pour during the war and close the holes or tear down poles, which are built during the war;

\3./ Give back land to home faction, which lost.

\5./ Provoking

*If a player from another faction, or faction-less player is entering your territory without your permission, you can kill him withouth warning. (This can't be war reason)

*If a player from another faction, or faction-less player is walking around your area (less than 20 blocks away) and you ask him/them to go away, but if he/they doesn't listen, then you are allowed kill him/them. (This can't be war reason)

*If the player next to your relative area (20 - 100 blocks) from the actual area cutting the trees, digging diamonds or other stones, or any other way damaging the surrounding area, you need to warn him 2 times. If he doesn't listen you can kill him. (This can't be war reason)

*If you are in a Peaceful faction status, it's prohibited to provoke any faction to start war with you, otherwise you will be punished!
\6./ Inactivity

Fraction leader must previously report for inactivity, if he will not play at least 2 months, then the faction can be deleted.
\7./ We are not responsible!

Server Administration is not responsible for players which you invite to your fraction, we will not take any responsibility if they does damage to you!

If someone in your faction breaks rules then Faction Leader will be punished!

If you have read these rules and agree to them, then what you need to do to make a fraction?

You Need to write the following command in the game: / f Create FactionNameHere

Do not like War / Enemy Status, but you just want to build, but you fear that someone will ruin your work?

1. Nobody will be able to start war with your faction.
2. Nobody can privatize your faction land.
3. You will not lose power after dying.

\1./ You will not be able to start war with another faction.
\2./ You will not be able to privatize another faction land.
\3./ You will not be able to make Ally with other factions.

\1./ Nickname
\2./ Faction name
\3./ Why you want to make peacefull faction?

Currently you cant make faction peaceful!
To make faction peaceful, you need to donate server. Price will be posted, when PayPal account will be created.
Lack of knowledge does not excuse the violation.

Time Goes... People Change... Sh^t Happens and Life Goes On!
Forum » Minecraft » Factions » Faction rules
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