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Sh1t Happens 

Weird things are happening. Looks like project FrozE is suspended too.
Anyway, I'm still searching for new host, because it was good time, while server was up. Maybe server can be up and running again, but still, I need someone help!
See Ya! ^_^
  Skatîts: 721 | Pievienoja: HawX | Pievienots: 2012-06-27 | Komentâri (1)

Working on new Minecraft project! 

Hello minecrafters,
I'm suspending/abadoning this project and moving to a new one with brighter future- FroZe
Follow project progress @ FroZe webpage!
  Skatîts: 698 | Pievienoja: HawX | Pievienots: 2012-06-11 | Komentâri (0)

My choice 

Hello minecrafters,
Looks like noone will donate so im making this step-
Im searching Second Main Admin who will have same access to server like me but he will have to pay for server every month ~22$-25$. I think it's really low price in month for Second Main Admin access
Everyone can apply @ forum in General Discussions.
  Skatîts: 711 | Pievienoja: HawX | Pievienots: 2012-05-15 | Komentâri (0)


Hello, Minecrafters.

This project proved, that it's possible to make server popular in 1 month but I have bad news... So, everyone knows that Owner's need to pay for host. All would be OK but noone donated and I don't have money to pay for host. Server might be offline for 1 week or forever. Then, so much money I need? I need $22 USD.

I will update progress below when I will get some money:
Got- 0.00 USD
Need- $22 USD

How to donate? Press on this link and scroll down to Donate button.

P.S There are really small chances, that Stealer will pay

Server will be offline from tomorrow (20th April)
  Skatîts: 839 | Pievienoja: HawX | Pievienots: 2012-04-19 | Komentâri (4)

Server is back online! 

Hello, minecrafters.
Server is back online with new spawn and new features! IP is same. I learned enough from my mistakes. Now there will be one total backup per day! No more laggs every 1h! Less chance for item loss after conection failure. New map = New possibilities!
See Ya in-game!
  Skatîts: 730 | Pievienoja: HawX | Pievienots: 2012-04-07 | Komentâri (1)

Bad news... 

Hello minecrafters!
I got bad news. In unknown way server crashed and all plugins are gone, factions etc.... I don't know how long it will take to make server back and running. Good that I had some backups.
  Skatîts: 728 | Pievienoja: HawX | Pievienots: 2012-04-02 | Komentâri (2)

Server info! 

Hello everyone,
Server had some problems and I have some thing to say- Server will have new map!
Reason is bugged money, bugged map boarders and Faction bug. Server should be back tommorow or day after tomorrow.
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Welcome to FlyBack Minecraft game portal where trust is everything!
Server finally is opened! For more info visit Forum.
Server IP85.17.169.148:25588
See You in-game!
  Skatîts: 649 | Pievienoja: HawX | Pievienots: 2012-03-20 | Komentâri (0)

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